Participating artists and their work

Elisabeth Ida Mulyani

Elisabeth Ida is born in Indonesia, but lives and works in Ghent (B). Her geboren in Indonesië, maar leeft en werkt in Gent. Her visual work includes photography, sculptures and documentary films. Elisabeth acts as an inviting artist for EUROPALIA Indonesia in Ghent, and works together with the artists below.

She contributes recent artistic work: a documentary film that explores the genocide in Indonesia in 1965 based on the landscapes in which it took place.

Elisabeth Ida Mulyani

Saksi Bisu (Silent Witness) – Let me take you to a tropical paradise, 2017

film, documentary

Saksi Bisu is also being screened in the cultural center in Strombeek from

Ada Van Hoorebeke

After her education in pictorial art, the Belgian artist Ada Van Hoorebeke learned to use the Batik technique in Gambia and Indonesia. Van Hoorebeke’s work is characterized by an excentric visual language which came about through the subcultural exchanges.

In her sculptures and installations, she integrates the mobile and functional character of textile. Like this, an installation can be the set of a photo shoot or performance in association with other artists and the public. Other installations are activated by allowing aspects of the production process to take place in the sculpture, such as painting textiles with urine and indigo or batik, with warm wax on textile. The use of textiles is used as a means of communication that can transcend language barriers. With this aim, Van Hoorebeke tries to reflect on her position as an artist in the present time.

Ada Van Hoorebeke lives and works in Belgium and Germany and is currently Artist in Residence at Residency Unlimited, New York, USA.

Ada Van Hoorebeke

Batik – Questionmark, 2016

batik, natural dyes on cotton

ca. 200x104cm (detail)

Roy Villevoye

Roy Villevoye is a Dutch visual artist. He often works with video films, photography, sculptures and installations. He is already active since the 80’s and was selected for numerous film prizes. Of Villevoye’s work, we show a documentary film about the Asmat.

Roy Villevoye

Voice-Over, 2014

film (21min 20sec)

Dick Van der Harst

Musical factotum Dick Van der Harst is a well-known name in the Belgian music world. In his work he brings together many musical styles which sometimes are placed harmoniously, and sometimes conflictuously next to each other.

The musician brings two works to Europalia Indonesia in Ghent, two works that bring the listener into contact with Indonesian music, mainly evoked by using gamelan, the traditional music style from Java and Bali.

Dick Van der Harst, Zefiro Torna and Het Nieuw Gents Stadsblazerscollectief

Assim, 2008

music album

(photo: Wilde Westen – Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk 2017)

Dick Van der Harst & gasten

De Geschiedenis van de Wereld in Twee Uur, 2017

musical composition

Jimmy Hendrickx

Jimmy Hendrickx is a Belgian film and documentary maker. In 2007 he was a teacher of videotechnics at the KASK in Ghent. Since 2014, he worked on some documentaries in Indonesia. In the context of his documentary The Rescuer of the Kaja Kaja’s, he lived for a few months with the Marind Anim. During this expo, Jimmy shows some recent recordings he made of them. The Rescuer of the Kaja Kaja’s can be seen on October 7th on CANVAS.

Jimmy Hendrickx

The Marind Tribe, 2017


The Marind Anim are Christian, yet their vision of life is still inspired by their ancestors’ animistic views.

The song that is sung is part of the ritual that must deliver the sick lady from the bad spirit of which she would be possessed.