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Lecture Series Indonesia in all aspects

Cultural traditions, in between conservatism and progress

Jeroen Adam and Paul Catteeuw

Thursday 2nd of November 2017 at 20:00 in the Cultural Center Zebrastraat

Two expositions and a lecture series

In the context of, and above all inspired by the Arts Festival “EUROPALIA Indonesia” which is held at BOZAR in Brussels, the volunteers of the Ethnographic Collection wanted to bring the Indonesian atmosphere to Ghent as well! This Ghentian counterpart of the Festival brings together Indonesian history and culture in the form of two consecutive exhibitions, complemented by a lecture series.

The Botanical Garden of Ghent University houses a spectacular number of plants that originate directly from Indonesia’s jungles. An adventure through the lush world of exotic crops will reveal to the visitor lots of noteworthy facts about Indonesian plants. Come and read or hear from the Indonesian students in person what they have to say about the flora of their country.

The exhibition “Inspiring Indonesia”, which is held at the Zebrastraat Cultural Center, opens a dialogue between the exotic Indonesian culture, embedded in traditional artefacts belonging to the Ethnographic Collection of the Ghent University Museums on the one hand, and contemporary work by artists who are inspired by this foreign culture on the other.

In addition to the two exhibitions, there will be 4 lectures by experts who will speak about their field of study, always in relation to the Indonesian context.

Cooking Workshop Authentic Indonesia

The Indonesian cooks at Casa di Batavia organise a cooking workshop and take you to the world of boemboes. These are finely ground herbal mixtures used in Indonesian cuisine. Traditionally, the ingredients are thrown into a mortar and crushed. The cooks lead you into a rich world of typical and rare herbs. Accompanied by them, you will learn to make a real nasi goreng dish with oedang goreng (baked scampi) and a customized garnishment.

Registration via the following link: http://casadibatavia.com/europalia/


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